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Game Details

Player Count: 2-6 
Playtime: 20 minutes 
Age Range: 8+ 
Weight: Light 
Release Date: Launching on Kickstarter Q2 2019 
Mechanisms: Trick-Taking, Hidden Information 
Brief Description: As an immortal vampire, you wouldn’t be caught dead in last Millennia’s attire. But how do you truly know if you are up to the latest trends if you cant even see yourself in the mirror? Why not let a vampire fashion show decide!


Vamp on the Batwalk is Show-Taking game where each player is trying to prove they are the most fashionable Vampire. Players try to play their best card each show, but the catch is they CAN'T see the value of the cards in their own hand, only the card type! This means they must rely on seeing the other players cards to help them decide which card they think they should play. 

  • Easy to Learn: With a streamlined rulebook, Vamp on the Batwalk can be learned and taught to anyone in about 3 minutes!

  • Fast Engaging Turns: You can't see the value of your cards before you play them, so everyone is watching to see what you play each turn!

  • Memorable Moments: Because players never know exactly the card they will play, players have a “no way!” moment if a better card is played, or they get to have a laugh because they happened to choose the 1 card in their hand that would lose them the show!

  • Awesome Game Box: The game box for Vamp on the Batwalk transforms into a “Batwalk” that doubles as a score tracker!

Card Anatomy

What you see

vamp - blue back.png

What they see

vamp - blue star.png


(Prototype Shown)


Game Contents

  • (42) Beautifully illustrated Vamp cards

  • (6) Player standees

  • (1) Game box / Batwalk

  • (1) Rulebook


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Meet the Team

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