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Gold Nugget Games

Gold Nugget Games is a company born out of a love for games. We enjoy games of all types, from sports to video games, to of course board games. Our mission here is to design, publish and promote, fun, unique and high quality games for a variety of audiences. We believe the best part about gaming is the community that comes with it. So we welcome you to join our family and hope you enjoy the rest of our site. 


Cody Thompson

Founder of Gold Nugget Games

Hello fellow gamers! As you can obviously tell from the title above my name is Cody Thompson. I started Gold Nugget Games because ever since I was a kid I have been in love with games of all sorts. I played video games and board games night and day as a kid. As well as every sport that my small school offered. I want to share my passion that I have for games with as many people as possible, and what better way to do that then to run a game design and publishing company.