Game Submission Terms and Agreements

Thank you for taking the time to submit your game idea to us. Sorry for the formal nature of this agreement but due to the nature of intellectual property we need you to read and agree to this before submitting any game ideas to Gold Nugget Games LLC.

THIS IS A BINDING LEGAL AGREEMENT between you and Gold Nugget Games LLC. Please read this agreement carefully. By agreeing, and submitting your game ideas, illustrations, etc., you are bound by this Agreement and you represent that you are at least 18 years old.

By submitting information to this site (a “submission”), you agree that you are allowing Gold Nugget Games LLC to review your idea, and are agreeing that any similarities to any future or past Gold Nugget Games LLC properties, in any form, are purely coincidental.

This means that:
• If any work produced by us shares any similarities, those similarities are coincidental.
• You will not take legal action against Gold Nugget Games LLC or our affiliates or claim any similarities of your submission.

NO CONFIDENTIALITY. You understand and agree that your submission is being shared with Gold Nugget Games LLC and as such there is not implied right to privacy and that your submission is not submitted to us in confidence - there is no implied or expressed confidential relationship between you and Gold Nugget Games LLC.

SUBMISSIONS. By your submission, you represent that everything you submit is your own original work and you are allowing us to review your game. Furthermore, that you have all necessary rights to disclose your game to us, and that you are not violating the rights of any third party. You also represent that your submission is true and authentic and that you have worldwide rights to publicize, adapt, modify, distribute and use it in any way - and if further agreements are made with Gold Nugget Games LLC you would have authority to license, sell, or grant your submission’s use.

By submitting to us, you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any claims, demands, damages, liabilities and costs (including legal fees) asserted by any third party relating in any way to your breach of any term of this Agreement and also agree that any similarities between your submission and any product of Gold Nugget Games LLC are purely coincidental.

LICENSING. If we adopt your submission, or aspects of your submission, we will make arrangements in the form of further agreements with you, and you would need to sign any further documents that may be necessary to reflect that fact for us to finalize any agreements.

OTHER TERMS. Your submission to this site is purely for our review, and no compensation is expressed or implied in sending us this review or in exchange for giving us your submission for review purposes.

This Agreement may be modified only in a writing signed by the parties. This is the entire agreement between you and us and supersedes any prior or contemporaneous agreement or representation. The headings are for ease of reference only and shall have no effect on the interpretation of this Agreement.