We are Currently Open for Submissions


  • Read our game submission terms and agreement HERE

  • Not just an idea. We are not looking to design your game for you.

  • Well playtested. We will of course put the game through extensive playtesting, but its your responsibility to make sure that the game we look at doesn't have any major flaws.

  • Playable. This means that there should be a easy to understand rulebook and/or reference cards that make the game easy to start playing. Simply put, if we can't play your game we are not going to publish it.

  • Clear graphic design. It is our job to make the game beautiful and functional, but you must have at least functional graphic design in order for us to play your game.

  • Flexible. Even if we love your game there will be things we will want to change about it. Please be upfront if there are things you won't be willing to change. If you are not open to any change then your game is not a good fit for us.

IF WE LIKE YOUR SUBMISSION: We will contact you by email and arrange to see the game in more detail through one of the following:

  • A prototype sent to us

  • Pre-recorded video of you and/or your friends playing the game

  • In person (if feasible)

  • PnP (least preferred but can sometimes work if it is a card game)

HOW TO SUBMIT: Simply fill out the form below

Did you read our game submission terms and agreement above, and do you agree to it *
Can the game be taught to new players in 5 minutes or less *
This doesn't mean players need to know every rule, just enough to start playing and know there objective.
Does the game play in less than 90 minutes *
Have you commissioned art for the game *
It is 99% likely that we will scrap or extensively modify the art for the game, so if it is something you hold dearly, your game is probably not a fit for Gold Nugget Games at this time.
Has the game been tested at an UnPub, Protospiel, or other playtesting specific event *
This is not a requirement but definitely helps.
If so, can you submit us the playtester feedback
This is not a requirement but definitely helps.
Are you an Asshole *
We have a strict no Asshole policy at Gold Nugget Games. You can have the best game in the world, but if your an Asshole then your game is not a good fit for us.
This doesn't have to be the final name of the game, but the working name for now.
Player Count / Game Length / Category (Abstract, Euro, Family, etc.)
Hook us into the world of your game in 2-3 sentences.
What is your game about and what is unique about it 2-3 sentences.
Sell Sheets, Website, How to play, etc.
Name *