Playtesters (Dragonforce Beta Squad)

Why Should I Playtest?

  • Play upcoming Gold Nugget Games before anyone else.

  • Brainstorm with us on game mechanics, art direction, components and more.

  • Be credited as a playtester in the rulebook for games that you contribute to.

  • Best of all, be part of the process of bringing a game from concept to reality.

What do I do?

  • Sign up with the form below.

  • Wait for an email with details on the game and instructions, then decide if it is a game you would like to try.

  • We will then send you a print-and-play or in some cases ship you a high-quality prototype to play.

  • Fill out the feedback form letting us know what you liked or didn't. (be as honest as possible, it really helps) Optionally: Send a video recording of your playtest to (this really helps us look at player experience during the game)

Dragonforce Alpha Squad???

In addition to the Dragonforce Beta Squad, we have an invite only playtesting group called Dragonforce Alpha Squad. This group is reserved for our most trusted playtesters that have provided tremendous value for us. These playtesters get priority for high quality prototypes when available and access to exclusive Gold Nugget Game perks.

If you want to become part of this exclusive group, sign up to be a Dragonforce Beta Squad member and then playtest lots of games for us. This is the most straight forward way to get noticed.