Why Should I Playtest?

  • Play upcoming Gold Nugget Games before anyone else.

  • Brainstorm with us on game mechanics, art direction, components and more.

  • Be credited as a playtester in the rulebook for games that you contribute to.

  • Best of all, be part of the process of bringing a game from concept to reality.

What do I do?

  • Sign up with the form below.

  • Wait for an email with details on the game and instructions, then decide if it is a game you would like to try.

  • We will then send you a print-and-play or in some cases ship you a high-quality prototype to play.

  • Fill out the feedback form letting us know what you liked or didn't. (be as honest as possible, it really helps) Optionally: Send a video recording of your playtest to (this really helps us look at player experience during the game)